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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

An Introduction to "Life Natural"

Life Natural is a seven days workshop conducted by Shri.G.Balakrishnan on living a healthy natural life, without any medicines and sufferings.  We were blessed to attend this workshop and we have got awareness on human physiology, natural diet practices, life force and processes of extreme elimination.  We will be sharing some of the learnings from this workshop, which we also practice on a day to day basis i.e. the diet practices.

Before we proceed to know ‘what is Life Natural’, we would like to share our quest for nutritious food and a healthy life. If you have also come across these questions, the information shared in this post will be helpful.

After marriage, we decided to cook nutritious food at home so that we could live a healthy life. Based on that, we started eating food items which have been considered as nutritious by doctors and most of us. Some of these items include, milk (with health drink mix), eggs, lots of fruits and vegetables. Even then, we could not lead a healthy life. Every Saturday we used to go to hospitals, consult doctors and buy medicines.

At some point, I had to undergo a minor surgery. However there was no improvement in my health. After some time, I resigned my job considering that I had to spend time to take care of my health. Later, I joined gym and practiced for few months. Meanwhile, both of us shifted to Homeopathy treatment. Though there was a slight improvement, I faced new health issues. Due to that I could not go to gym regularly.

The kind of problems we had gone through raised the following questions:
  • What is nutritious food?
  • Why do we fall sick though we consume so-called ‘nutritious food’?
  • Is there any relationship between our food, food habits and diseases?
  • The medical science has developed enormously.  Yet, it could neither cure diseases nor prevent them. What is the reason?
  • Why there are many new diseases spreading?
  • Is there a chance for human beings to live a disease free life?

We started thinking on these lines and the first point came to our mind was about the food items available in the market. We realised that each and every product is being processed with lot of chemicals from cultivation, till it reaches end consumers.  Most of us are aware of the ill-effects of the chemicals used in such processing. Yet, we consume such products/produce thinking ‘what an individual can do to avoid such things?’. 

Ananda Vikatan magazine published a series called ‘Moonraam Ulaga Por’ (Third world war) written by the famous Tamil Lyricist Mr.Vairamuthu, and that became a turning point for us. The series revealed the damages caused to environment and the problems faced by small scale farmers due to chemical based farming. Then we decided to act against this and we stopped buying food items produced using chemical fertilizers and pesticides and started buying organic food items.

After ‘Moonraam Ulaga Por’ series, Anada Vikatan published yet another series called ‘Aaraam Thinai’. It is being written by Siddha doctor Mr.G.Sivaraman. This series gave the knowledge on the traditional rice & millet varieties which used to be the staple food for our ancestors and forgotten by last two generations. Then we started using millets in our menu on alternate days. We could feel a little bit of improvement in our health. However it did not help us to achieve holistic health.

One fine day, we got a call from our friend Mr.Jay asking us to participate in Life Natural workshop. We take this as an opportunity to thank to him. Without him we would not have got the chance to attend the Life natural workshop. Also we would not have been able to share the secrets of healthy living with all of you.

We believe ‘secret’ is more appropriate here, as we have experienced the wonders of Life Natural by practicing it in our day-to-day life.  We realized that how stupid and blind-folded we were in agreement with the so-called ‘nutritious food’ (the term defined by modern science) and how that changed our food habits to something which is completely inappropriate to our physiology.  By following such forged, inappropriate food habits, we are not just spoiling our health but also other living species and our Mother Earth herself. 

When we lose something and search for it, we should be searching in the exact place, where we actually lost it.  But, after losing nature based tradition, food and healthy living, we are constantly searching for it and seeking solutions from Science. In the modern era, most of us are not even aware of what is lost. Though few of us are aware of it, still do not want to search for the solution. It just shows our interest on our own well-being. All of us would agree that medicine based on science, has now-a-days evolved into more of a business than a noble service.  Like any other business, for hospitals, medicos and pharma companies, the prime motto is to multiply revenue.  All of us knew about these facts, yet we completely surrender our lives and outsource our health to these people, only because of our fear for death.

Life Natural explains the relationship between the body, life & mind. It teaches who should eat, what to eat, where to eat, when to eat and how to eat. According to Life Natural ideologies, disease does not exist in this world. It explains why the following health problems (those we call as diseases) occur like obesity, constipation, indigestion, thyroid, diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, cancer, infertility, women related health issues. Life Natural teaches right food habits and simple treatments using sun light, water & mud, to overcome such diseases. 

After completing this workshop, we came to know that all our questions were answered and our prolonged search has come to an end.  We realised that a healthy life cannot be achieved by not just eating organic produces, but also by following the right method of eating.  We stopped taking medi-SINs from the second day of the workshop. We have been practicing ‘Life Natural’ since May-2013 and we have come out of all kinds of illness. Now we are able to lead a healthy life with no dependency on medicines and doctors. 
After all these, we cherish each Saturday in buying organic products and volunteering for organizations promoting safe food and organic farming.

Now our one and only prayer is:

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