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Monday, September 8, 2014

'SIGNS OF HEALTH' by Louis Kuhne

Extracted from the book 'Louis Kuhne's Facial Diagnosis', translated by Aug.F.Reinhold.M.A.page no.101-102.
Three lines of Demarcation
Three lines of Demarcation

A GOOD APPETITE for natural food and a relish for simple, healthful articles of diet, are signs of a normal condition of body and mind. Satisfaction should be reached before satiation, and should be followed by no unpleasant feeling of fullness or tightness. Digestion should proceed quietly and unconsciously.

WHEN THIRSTY, there should be desire for fruit, or water only.

THE URINE, should be clear and of a golden yellow color. It should have neither a sweet, sour, nor pungent odor, nor should it coagulate when boiled. Its voiding should proceed easily, and without pain.

THE FAECES, should be of a yellowish brown color, solid and cylindrical, as seen in healthy animals. They should leave the rectum without soiling it.

HEALTHY PERSPIRATION has no disagreeable odor.

THE SKIN should be warm, smooth, elastic and somewhat moist. It should be easy to raise from the forehead, cheek-bones and nape-line. No fatty cushion should settle between the skin and bones in these places. Pressing the tip of the finger on any part of the skin, the depression thus made should disappear immediately on removing the finger, and there should be no wrinkles in the skin.

THE COMPLEXION should be neither pale nor flushed. It should be free from pimples, warts, or ulcers and nowhere show tension, shine and discolorations.

THE HAIR should be full, and of its natural color.

THE EYES should be clear and bright.

RESPIRATION should be free from any noise or difficulty. The breath should be habitually inhaled through the nose.

SLEEP should be restful, quiet and uninterrupted.

THE NECK should be free from swellings, or lumps, and its muscles should be mobile.

THE ABDOMEN should be soft and low. No young or healthy animal has a high abdomen.

THE HEAD should be symmetrical in shape, and on the center line of the body.

BOTH SIDES of the body should be equally proportioned.

BOTH SHOULDERS should fall in horizontal line.

ALL PARTS OF THE BODY should be of proper size, proportion, and vitality; in keeping with the person’s age, constitution and occupation.

THE THREE LINES OF DEMARCATION, which are the jaw-line, nape-line and thigh-line, should be clearly defined (see picture).

THE CARRIAGE of a healthy person, should be erect, and his movements should indicate perfect control over his muscles.

CHANGE IN THE TEMPERATURE or humidity of the atmosphere should cause no discomfort whatever.

THE MIND should be well balanced in all its faculties, and the disposition cheerful, hopeful and benevolent. The healthy body finds pleasure in performance of every function, in seeing, eating, even in evacuations from the bowels and the bladder as well as in digestion, and in the removal of effete products.

THE SOUND BODY performs all functions without pain, difficulty, or the need of artificial stimulants. Neither young nor old should anytime be conscious of any particular organ. There should be no fluid secretion from the skin or any mucous membrane. Sweating in summer, however, cannot be considered an indication of anything abnormal.

ALL SENSATIONS, whether physical or mental, should be normal, not dull, nor yet super sensitive. A palsied condition of either mind or body is abnormal; neither should one’s equanimity be destroyed by a trifling vexation or a pin prick.

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