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Friday, November 29, 2013

What is 'Life Natural'?

Following post contains excerpts translated from the guide 'Iyarkai Vaalviyalin Mahimai' (Greatness of Life Natural) by 'Naturopathy Expert' Thiru.G.Balakrishnan.

What is 'Life Natural'?
Life Natural or Naturopathy is a noble stream of medicine. It is noble, because it is a science based on true wisdom. It is practiced in-line with human physiology and the constant nature of Life Force.

Concepts of Life Natural:
It is very essential for each and every human being to have a holistic physical & mental  health. A poor person needs good health as he should earn money to take care of himself as well as his family. Similarly, a rich person also should have good health to enjoy his wealth. No one can buy good health in the market. Both physical & mental health should be obtained through the lifestyle which follows the laws of nature.

However, in the present technological era, human-beings are accustomed to all the luxuries given by science. So the human-beings dream that everything can be achieved with the help of science. Science tries to prove every fact. Hence it plays a dominant role in each and every aspect of our life. The human society is benefited through scientific developments. It has also suffered due to the ill-effects of science. Nobody can deny this fact. Due to his ignorance, man has surrendered himself completely to science. He should get awareness so that he can look only for positive results of science and avoid all the ill-effects. In this way, he will come out of science which gives both good and bad things and accept Life Natural (i.e. the science based on true wisdom) which gives only good things.

The relationship between Body, Life Force & Mind:
There are two aspects functioning in the human body which cannot be examined through  laboratory researches. The first one is Life Force and the second one is mind. These two cannot be tested in any advanced laboratory or by a modern equipment.

Life Force cannot be tested like any other material in a laboratory, but we can understand its functions by correlating with functions of electricity. Though we cannot see electricity, we could see it as light from bulbs, motion in machines, sound from speakers and heat from electric stove. Similarly we can feel/see the functions of Life Force as vision in the eyes, sound through vocal chord, warmth and motions in our body.In addition to these, Life Force also acts precisely as mind.  The function of mind is the first and foremost reason for the upliftment of health.  We cannot study mind by separation and dissection as we do for brain, heart, lungs, alimentary canal and skeleton.

The modern science could not locate the exact location of mind in human body. However, we often use the terms, mind and conscience.  These two aspects can be understood only through true wisdom and it defines mind as 'collection of thoughts'.

As mind is known as collection of thoughts, no one can point out a specific location in human body. Life Natural explains that mind is not limited only to inner part of the body and it has been spreaded throughout universe.A happy mind is the basic and wholesome food for a human body. In Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna stresses this point by saying 'Not to worry' ("Maa susa" in Sanskrit). The great poet Thiruvalluvar also says, 'Anxiety of mind cannot be removed, except from those who are united to the feet of Him who is incomparable'.Human mind is the birth place of all kind of sorrows of an individual. A healthy mind leads a person to obtain a healthy body.  Bharathiyaar also highlights this in 'Achcham thavir'.

"Mind is not in the Brain" explanation by Dr.B.M.Hegde

Nature of Human Body:
Human body is constructed with five natural elements. The first four elements such as water, fire, air and space act as food for human being and help to build the body both directly and indirectly. However, the last element earth can not be used directly as food for human system. The plant kingdom does that service and it connects earth and human society.

Principle of the Human Physiology:
That mineral which does not come through the plant kingdom is not assimilated by the human system.  It is a theorem which can not be objected or overruled.The scientists have listed number of minerals and vitamins as essential nutrition factors. Our human system is built in such way that it can absorb all these nutrition factors only when it comes through plant kingdom. If it is consumed by any other means, it settles in human body as a foreign matter and becomes a health hazard.

Sources of foreign matter accumulation in Human body:
  1. Sea salt i.e. Sodium Chloride is the only food item which is not obtained from plants. It converts our body from alkaline to acid medium.
  2. All types of processed food which are manufactured in factories contain preservatives to extend the shelf life of the product.  These chemicals stay back in the human body.
  3. The medicines which are used in the name of treatment, changes the blood chemistry from alkaline to acid medium.
  4. The fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides used in agriculture are absorbed by the produces. Chemicals enter the body while consuming such produces.
  5. Blood is the basic cell of a human system. It is alkaline based. But our food habit is acid based.

All the above mentioned reasons increase the soil nature in human system which is a root cause of mucus trouble.  Without understanding the reason behind it, our treatment method develops the soil nature further. It leads to Cancer at final stage, like mounds in earth.Life Natural which is based on the true wisdom, explains the basic principles of human system. Thus it helps society to lead a healthy life in a simple manner without any side effects.

What does 'Life Natural' teach?
  1. The first point to be remembered is 'A reform in the kitchen' (positive cooking).It teaches how to reduce the usage of salt in cooking. It also teaches how to prepare a tasty food even without salt.
  2. Do not eat food which contains chemicals in any form.
  3. Do not take any medicine which is not in the form of a food.
  4. Change the food habits in accordance with blood chemistry i.e. alkaline medium.
  5. When we eat Carrot, Cabbage, Ash gourd, Chayote, Knol-khol, Radish, Indian Gooseberry & Banana stem in raw form, our body gets vitamins and minerals completely. Hence we do not get deficiency diseases.Similarly when we drink the Liquid Sunshines such as Bermuda grass juice, Centella juice, Black Nightshade juice, Holy basil juice, Bael leaf juice, Banana stem juice and Indian gooseberry juice in appropriate quantities, we can eliminate diseases from our body.

Important Life Natural Quotes:
Peace and happy mind makes the body healthy.
Constipation - the root cause of all illness.
Clean intestines make a clean body.
More craving for food, leads to shorter life.
Eat fruits and keep diseases at bay.
Live 'Life Natural' and Live Happily.

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