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Friday, November 1, 2013

Why should we avoid milk and dairy products?

A few important points to avoid milk and dairy products:

  1. All types of mammals in the world are breast fed until it gets the teeth/ to eat food on its own (including the calf). This nature's law is also applicable for human beings. But in reality, human race is the only mammals who drink cow's milk throughout their life time.
  2. In all types of mammals the nature has gifted the mother's milk considering the growth ratio, immunization and nutrition of its own species. In case of cattle, the calves attain maturity within two years so that it can reproduce. Cattle need to build their body structure faster. For human beings growth of the brain is faster than the body structure. The composition of cow's milk is not suitable for the natural growth of the human beings.
  3. Cow's milk produces more mucus in human body. The diet followed in Life natural is based on mucus free or mucus less food. Due to this reason and also based on Life natural concepts, milk consumed from any other mammals is not suitable for our health.

If you would like to read more details on this, please visit the following URLs:

Alternate for milk:
Those who are not able to give up cow's milk, can extract milk from the fresh grated coconut. For sweetness, add palm crystals or jaggery powder. Stir well, filter and drink. The same is applicable for children and adults. Do not heat it up.

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