Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sharing our 2.5 years of experience in Life Natural

We have been practicing Life Natural for more than two and a half years now. I have been thinking to write a post for the past few months on our health improvement, a few common questions we often face from the people around us, a few points we observed from the society and our views on those points, etc. But I was confused as I was not sure where to begin it from. Recently, we watched a Tamil TV show between doctors and public. Then I realized that this is the right time to write this post. 

Doctors' ignorance on Disease:

During that TV show (http://www.hotstar.com/1000072205 time: 38:00), one of the doctors said that diseases like Diabetics, Blood pressure, Cholesterol were quite natural among 30+ years male. We were shocked to hear that. Few years ago, the same modern medical science, classified these diseases for people above 60 years. Then it became diseases for 50 years. Again it became for the age group of 40 years. At present, they say that such diseases occur among 30+ years people and that too ‘it is natural’. This statement made it clear to us that even the doctors are living in ignorance. If this is the condition of the doctors, how will they be in a position to guide others to attain health? Even if we accept that such diseases are common, with the kind of growth what medical science has gone through all these years, appropriate medicines should have been made available to cure these diseases completely. But what is the reality? The age bar of the patients is decreasing and the number of the patients is increasing. 

Some of the TV channels telecast awareness sessions every now and then. Similarly, a few weekly and monthly magazines also publish articles from doctors on prevention of diseases. We see a main issue in these programs and articles as well. These are the experts belonging to different departments of medicine and they give suggestions from their own fields only. For example, ‘How to prevent Heart attack?’, ‘How to prevent Diabetics?’, ‘How to lose weight?’, ‘What is the nutritious food for children?’, ‘What is the nutritious food for women?’, ‘How to prevent the seasonal diseases?’, etc.

Modern medicine has established departments for each organ and each has its own experts. This approach does not consider health as holistic health for human body. Each and every part is connected.  Life Natural is framed based on this principle. That is the reason it follows the concept of 'Oneness of disease; one treatment*' to cure the patients who already suffer from different health issues pertaining to different organs. Similarly, the diet prescribed for sick with any kind of ailments and healthy people are also same. We have practically experienced this. We used to suffer from different types of diseases associated with different organs, before attending this workshop.  The conventional treatments we underwent, prescribed different drugs and diet restrictions for each of us. But in Life Natural, we had been following same diet and therapies, from the very first day of this workshop. Surprisingly, both of us recovered from all these diseases in few months. Now we are healthy and yet we are continuing the same diet. Now, we wonder whether it is feasible to prepare different food for each sick person in the family as per their ailments.  Even if we consider a healthy family, according to the diet experts, each age group has to follow a specific diet to maintain their health. In this scenario also, we do not know if it is feasible to cook separately for children, elderly people, middle aged women and men.

(*Here ‘Disease’ denotes the ‘morbid matter’ accumulated in the body. ‘Treatment’ denotes the ‘process of eliminating’ such morbid matter.)

All types of medicines practiced these days do not find the reason for the disease. Rather they try to treat the effects caused by the disease (Treating the effects; not the cause). The five acute diseases like Fever, Cold, Headache, Diarrhea and Vomiting are triggered by Life Force as an extra ordinary process of eliminating toxic filth.  All medicine systems are unaware of this truth and they try to suppress these 'curative diseases' with drugs in the name of treatment.  In particular, Allopathy prescribes chemical drugs, which is not digested and gets accumulated as toxic filth in the body. Such morbid matter lays the foundation for all other chronic diseases including Cancer.  When Life Force initiates these five curative diseases, we should not interfere with that process.  Life Natural educates this and guides us in facilitating Life Force in this process, to further improvise our health.

Some of you might think that we have been offending the modern medicine throughout this post. In reality, some of the experienced doctors who have held higher positions in modern medical science and quite a few scientists (i.e. Sir Robert McCarrison, Sir William Osler, Antoine Béchamp, Henry Lindlahr, Max Joseph von Pettenkofer) have been pointing out the drawbacks in their own field. Medicine, a noble service was transformed into the most profitable industry by some corporates and these corporates have ignored and hid all those experts’ suggestions and findings. We got a chance recently, to listen to some of the speeches of Dr.B.M.Hegde in which he points out the faults of Allopathy. Experts like him from Allopathy are bringing awareness to society which is highly appreciated. We also suggest you to watch his videos.

Few Nature cure experts have also treated bone fractures and venomous snake or insect bites. But, as per our knowledge, we have not heard of any experts at present handling situations like this.  Hence, it is our opinion to use Allopathy only in situations like these and accidents. 

There is no such thing as ‘Disease’:

‘There is no such thing as Disease in this world’ - this is the prime mantra of Life Natural. On the first day of our workshop, we could not believe this. But on the last day, when all the sessions got over, we realized and accepted this mantra whole-heartedly. We hear about Nature Cure camps and Nature Cure hospitals run by Nature Cure experts in many parts of India especially in Tamil Nadu. Each one of them prescribes a different diet. Few such experts and Organic grocers also sell natural medicines as cure for diseases. First of all, these Nature Cure experts should clearly understand this mantra 'there is no such thing as disease in this world' and then they should teach others. That would be the first step to attain holistic health in the society. Our Life Natural workshop's guru Mr.G.Balakrishnan has a very clear vision on this concept. That is why he has named this workshop as 'Life Natural' whereas in other places it is called as 'Nature Cure' camp.

Need for change in Lifestyle:

Our body is composed of five basic elements (i.e. Water, Earth, Air, Fire and Sky) and our body functions based on these elements.  This is applicable not only to human beings, but to all other creatures in this world.  We, human beings consider ourselves as highly advanced and noble than all other species; but it is so strange that modern medical science has identified and classified close to 5000 diseases in us.  All other species live a healthy life adhering to Nature's laws.  They cure themselves whenever they fall sick.  Human beings are also bound to these laws. If we adhere to these laws, health becomes a natural condition.  Hence Life Natural preaches 'The nature of a human being is health' as the very first lesson. Whenever there is a hindrance to that natural condition, our health deteriorates. In such situations, our Life Force induces an extraordinary process of elimination to improvise our health. But in reality, we call such noble action as 'Disease', due to our ignorance.

As mentioned earlier, both of us had been suffering from different kinds of ailments. We had undergone treatments of Allopathy, Siddha, Ayurveda and Homeopathy in various time frames. But nothing gave a complete cure. After participating in this workshop, we understood that 'We do not have to change the treatment method. It is our Life style that needs to be changed’. It has been more than two and half years since we completed the workshop and we did not fall sick until now. In the past, we had been spending a part of our monthly salary for hospitals and medicines. Now all that money is being used to buying poison free, organic produce.

When I started writing this post, I wanted to share details on health problems we both had.  But now I think that if I mention about those diseases and say how we recovered from it, those who read this article might misinterpret it. The reader might think that whatever concepts and food habits we have been talking about in our blog, can only cure those specific diseases. So I gave up that idea and I just want to mention only one thing here. I have been wearing spectacles, starting from my school days i.e. for the past 23 years. After starting Life Natural practices, my vision has improved a lot. I hope that I will completely recover from this soon.

What is real health?

We both were ignorant on ‘what is real health?’, ‘what are the real indicators of hunger and thirst?’, ‘what are the characteristics of excreta (urine, stool, sweat) of a healthy body?’, until we participated in Life Natural workshop.  For anyone to realize whether they are really healthy, one must know the signs of health first.  Without this clarity, one cannot yield health by whatever treatment they go through. Ever since we gained this knowledge from Life Natural workshop, we are observing people from all walks of life i.e. healthy, sick and doctors treating them and we are really worried about the state of doctors.  The doctors who are supposed to guide the sick, to attain health, they themselves are not in compliance with ‘signs of health’ and hence they are sick too. For instance, many doctors are overweight, with paunch (potbelly), bald head and spectacles.  With such an unhealthy body, we are not sure how they could guide or treat others to gain health.  We often consider overweight and paunch as issues only among men, but that is not the case.  The ‘Signs of Health’ defined in the book ‘Facial Diagnosis’ by German Nature Cure expert Louis Kuhne, is applicable to all age group including postnatal mothers.  One should be able to understand this concept clearly, if they read his book.

No species in our world have overweight or potbelly, as they all adhere to Nature’s laws.  You might think, what credibility we have to comment others.  Before this workshop, we also took chemical based medicines, food and followed conventional diet, considered as best practices in our society. Such chemicals were not digested by our alimentary canal and got accumulated as toxic filth in our body.  Our body did not even get a chance to eliminate such wastes. Thus we also got overweight and potbelly over a period of time. When we got the awareness from this workshop, we changed our lifestyle and our body has started eliminating waste. Within few months, both of us have reached a healthy state which is completely in accordance with ‘signs of health’.  As all of these morbid matters got eliminated, we feel very light these days. Our body also does not feel uncomfortable while doing any daily routines. That is why, we are able to talk to others very confidently about this issue. 

Before Life Natural
After 3 months in Life Natural

In our society, if anyone looks slightly fat, it is believed that they are wealthy and healthy. People should come out of this meaningless mind-set. I guess that this could be one of the reasons why most of our relatives and friends think that we are not healthy as we look slim now. We do not know how to prove them that our body has only eliminated the morbid matter deposited for so many years and not our blood or flesh.  Sometimes, we tell them about the benefits of Life Natural practices, so that they will also be benefited.  But they are not able to follow even a simple step with interest. We are not sure, if they are afraid of losing weight and becoming slim like us. One should not have such meaningless worries or doubts while practicing Life Natural. That is why we have been repeatedly saying that every individual, who wants to practice Life Natural should first understand the basic concepts clearly.

We all want to have physique which looks slim and healthy, but we do not know the right way to attain it.  People are often attracted by advertisements and get into all sorts of problems right from weight lose/gain drinks to surgery.  Some spend hours and hours of walking and physical workouts. Most don’t even care for it and accept this abnormal, unhealthy bodily transformation as their fate and as a normalcy due to aging.  If we practice Life Natural correctly, we will attain a physique as defined in ‘signs of health’.  One will not face issues like bald head, vision problems, hard hearing, lose of teeth, etc., which are generally considered as normal due to aging, if they start practicing Life Natural from early stages of life.  Even a middle aged person following Life Natural, can see improvement in all conditions, except recovering a fallen tooth.

Which food is best?

Until a few centuries ago, the lifestyle and food habits of people from different parts of the world were dependent on topography, weather and food available in their locality.  Later it got transformed into cultures of a religion and race.  At present, Lifestyle and food habits got changed completely due to rapid growth in civilization.  We also got ourselves and our tongue enslaved for cooked food, with the introduction of multiple cuisines.  Now, we are so ignorant that we don’t even know ‘what real taste is’.  We got so much addicted that we even forgot to ask the very basic question, ‘Are the different varieties of food we eat, really compatible with our digestive system and health?’. 

This could be a reason, we are so confused and even after so many years we could not decide which food is best. To be more specific, the vegetarians (including vegans) and non-vegetarians are going through tough arguments.  To put an end to all these arguments, each one of us should understand the anatomy of human body, structure of teeth, functions of alimentary canal and most importantly our mind’s natural selection of food when it is presented in its natural form. Louis Khune has elaborated these points in his book 'New Science of Healing' (pages 86-95). If anyone wants to know which food is best, they should read these pages first, realize and then decide the kind of diet they want to follow. It is an essential duty of everyone to know what one should eat, what change it brings to their body and character, the origin of the food and how it is produced/manufactured/cooked.

Is eating stale food a Civilization growth?

Like ‘what is best food’, we could also see another argument ‘Is it safe to store fresh vegetables, fruits and even cooked food in refrigerator?’.  Fruits and vegetables loses its nutrition value when it is stored in temperatures lower than their normal environment temperature.  On consuming such stored fruits and vegetables, we won’t be able to gain their full nutritive values.  Similarly, we don’t gain full nutritive benefits, when we cook them in temperatures higher than their normal temperature and consume them.  Also, it is utterly useless in storing such cooked food in refrigerator and consume them again.  By all means, it is completely unnecessary to have a refrigerator in our homes. 

Few decades back, when people were not so fascinated about fridge, men and children in our families would not even touch leftover food.  They always demanded for freshly cooked food and most of the time women in the families would eat all the leftovers as they did not want to waste it.  Ever since refrigerator became a status symbol and an unavoidable, inseparable item in our kitchens, even those who did not eat stale food, now proudly say, “You know we cook for the whole week (or even for a much longer period) and store it in the fridge. We take required quantities out, heat them and eat, whenever needed”.  We could not understand how one could be so proud about eating stale food.

For any cooked food, a transformation of state happens from the moment it is cooked.  As time passes, it will change its characteristics slowly yielding negative energy (called Thamus) instead of positive energy.  This transformation also includes deterioration of its nutritive value.  One should keep this in mind and should eat fresh food in every meal.  Even if it is cooked in Sattvic way (without oil, tamarind, no or very little salt), one should consume it within 2 hours and in worst cases within 4 hours.

Eating stale food everyday has become a common practice among well learned, earned, wealthy people these days.  Is this a norm of Civilization? I see both working women and home-makers follow this practice.  Here, I do not mean that only working women can use fridge, as it could save their time every day.  Whoever uses refrigerator, for whatever reason/rationale it may be, it will definitely affect both physical and mental health of their family.  As this practice has been so much engraved into daily routine, it is possible that most people would have forgotten the real taste of fresh food or freshly cooked food.

Eating stale food might be joyous to some people and we cannot interfere with that, as it is their choice.  But what really annoys us, is the growing trend of serving and sharing stale food for guests and friends.  In our tradition ‘offering food to guest’ is considered as a noble act and nowadays people have forgotten that too.  Worst part of it is, people bring stale food to temples and offer that to God, which is in turn served as ‘Prasadham’ to devotees.  We could easily make out the difference of such stale food simply by tasting it.  The food offered to God should be prepared fresh. We do not know since when this attitude has changed.  Is it because of people’s belief in these refrigerator advertisements, showcasing stored food appearing to be fresh for days?  Where there is a fridge, there will be disease too.

Few people have the habit of offering leftover food to servants and poor people.  Even those helping minded people, should follow these rules.  All of us, including servants and poor people have a digestive system with same design and function. When we eat stale food, it spoils our health and same thing happens to poor people as well. When we arrange parties/functions, leftover food is unavoidable.  If anyone wants to share that food, it should be given to others within 4 hours of cooking. One should not think that it is OK to share stale food, as they are underprivileged.  If one share food with this attitude, they would gain sin than virtue. If there is no one to share within 4 hours, it is better to give it to natural scavengers like animals, birds and micro-organisms.

Cooking is a Satan:

Life Natural says that 'Cooking is a Satan'. This might rise a question in few of your minds, "Then why Life Natural diet given in your blog also includes cooked food in menu?". It is a reasonable question to ask.  Life Natural always recommends to eat 'sun cooked food' such as vegetables, fruits and leafy greens. There are few leafy greens and vegetables which can be eaten only after cooking. Moreover, our taste buds have become addicted to the tastes of 'fire cooked food' as we are accustomed to that method for so many years. Those who begin to practice Life Natural, may not be able to make a sudden change in their food habits completely. One should practice Yoga and Meditation techniques to overcome such addictions. This should be done along with the food reformation. When mind is free from such addictions, one can eat only 'sun cooked food' in all meals. Until one progress to that state, one can eat food cooked in Sattvic way for afternoon meals. When Sun is in its peak (i.e. around 12pm) our digestive capacity will be more powerful. The Life Natural diet and its recipes have been formulated by our teacher, to convert this Satan (cooking) into 'Sattvic Satan' (less harmful Satan).

Blame on germs:

We have a general tendency to proclaim ourselves as the reason for victory, when our efforts lead to it and find fault in others when things go wrong. We do not try to find the root cause of the problem and if we find ourselves as the culprit we never accept that whole-heartedly.  Similarly, when we fall sick we blame it on germs. Modern medicine has created an illusion that diseases are caused by germs and thus for more than two centuries, it led mankind to live a fearful life forever.  The Germ theory drew so much attention, when people suffered from epidemic diseases. This story continues till today and number of vaccinations is increasing year by year. 'Diseases are not caused by germs; But they get transformed into germs as a result of the disease to overcome the disease' - this was the initial finding before Germ theory was made popular. This statement has been proven by many scientists at different times. We will deal this in detail in a future post.  We should first understand and accept that we often fall sick due to our improper lifestyle. Only then, one can take the first step towards a healthy life.  We would not get anywhere closer to any solution, if we keep blaming others.

Short-cut is not the right way to gain Health:

Some of us do not have patience and time for anything and we seek short-cuts to attain anything and everything.  This may be a reason why we do not even think about the root cause when our health deteriorates.  We are so desperate to regain health somehow and we are ready to spend any amount of money.  We appreciate and accept any treatment which seems to be curing our disease quickly as we expect.  In all other medical streams, patients do not have to do anything. They have to simply sit or lie down, the doctor or the nurse will do everything for them.  We just have to consume the medicines as prescribed by the doctors.  At times, we feel very proud to take those expensive medicines.  In Life Natural, there is no such short-cut to attain health.  Here one should live a proper lifestyle to attain health.  All therapies taught in Life Natural, can be easily exercised by the patients themselves in their homes.  Some of these therapies are inexpensive and most do not cost anything.  We heard about few Nature cure hospitals, charging hefty amounts for these therapies.  People are wasting money in such hospitals, like they used to do in conventional hospitals, only because of their sluggishness.  When we explain these to some people, they do not even try and simply ignore saying ‘I do not have time for this’ a common, universal excuse.  If one does not care for themselves, who else could care and cure them?

Ignored proverbs and childhood education:

In schooling, we have learnt the functions of an alimentary canal, but in reality the food habits we follow are in complete contradiction to it.  Our ancestors have said many proverbs related to food, but we have misunderstood or misinterpreted most of them.  For instance, 'Norunga thindral nooru vayadhu' is a well-known Tamil proverb, which means ‘One can live for 100 years, if they have the habit of masticating the food completely in mouth’. Everyone understands this well, but do we all practice this in real life? If we observe the way we eat food, we will come to know that nobody follows it.  The reason behind this is, not all cooked food are prepared to facilitate complete mastication. If we take one bite, within few seconds, it slips into the throat and then to esophagus. Likewise, another Tamil proverb 'Uppilla pandam kupaiyile', which people generally mean by ‘Food without salt, should be treated as waste’.  Most of us have misconceived the word 'uppu' (or salt).  Here 'uppu' (or salt) represents ‘thaadhu uppu’ (or minerals) which come from plant kingdom. Our ancestors did not mention the salt obtained from sea.  The actual meaning is ‘food without minerals, should be treated as waste'.  We have misinterpreted this meaning to suit our addiction and convenience and add sea salt in every meal.  In our tradition so many Poets and Scholars have provided lot of, noble guidelines and techniques to lead a life with healthy mind and body.  For instance, the chapter on ‘Medicine’ in ‘Thirukural’ by Thiruvalluvar and ‘Thirumandhiram’ by Thirumoolar. Different scholars have written different explanations for these, based on their individual interpretation and understanding.  This could also be a reason for our ignorance and misunderstanding of such guidelines.

Our forefathers performed every single act of their daily routine including food habits, in compliance with Nature's laws.  But mankind has violated all such laws in the name of Civilization growth. All our present sufferings are the result of such violations. Life Natural is a 'Science based on True wisdom'. If we realise it, we shall get the clarity on, the connection between mankind and nature and the connection between our thoughts and food we eat. When we say, we should obey Nature's laws, few people spontaneously ask, "Should we all go back to Stone-age and live in forests then?”.  Hence, first of all, one should get clarity on what a real Civilization growth is.

Teasing caused by ignorance:

In our Life Natural journey, we have come across few instances where few of our kith and kin making fun of us on our food habits.  May be they misunderstood that we just eat tasteless, raw, vegetables and fruits.  In reality, either the one who teases us or someone in their family would be sick and going through one or more health issues.  The issue here is that they don’t even realize that they are the ones in unhealthy state.  They often fall sick, do self-medications, or sometimes even visit hospitals and spend lot of money.  In such incidents, we do not bother about their comments as we understand that teasing happens only due to their ignorance. They do not know the complete details about Life Natural and they do not even have any interest to learn it. We are not sure, if they are afraid of giving up some of their favorite food items as part of the realization and awareness that would be gained by learning Life Natural.  Those who want to tease us should first learn Life Natural completely. After that, if they have any difference of opinion, they shall discuss with us. We hope that such ignorant people will put some efforts to know about real health within their lifetime.


Do you practice Life Natural to live longer? 
I am already old, why should I practice Life Natural?

A most important question we face is, "By practicing Life Natural, do you want to maintain your youth and live longer?".  Few elderly people, after listening to our speech ask, "Fine. We are already old and we are going to live for few more years. Why should we change our lifestyle, especially food habits just for few years? Why cannot we simply eat as per our wish and enjoy our life? If we fall sick, we will take medicine as we always do".  We have gone through these questions in our workshop and our teacher, Mr.G.Balakrishnan has given this explanation: ‘Extending the lifetime of a human being is not the scope of Life Natural; but one should remain healthy until they die. Life Natural guides people to achieve such health by living and practicing the righteous methods’.

Every species in this world has a well-defined lifespan. It is the basic rule of the nature and no one can violate this.  When it is time, the soul should leave its body, without any kind of ailments and hindrances.  Just try to recollect, how many people in our surroundings would have got such a good death? Every one of us is going to die one or the other day; when that happens, do we really die without troubling others? Nope.  In reality, we let all kinds of diseases encroach our body and undergo all kinds of violent treatments. We also make our family members suffer financially, emotionally and sometimes morally too.  Often, we make our own beloved ones think, "When will this oldie die and let me live a normal life?”. Nowadays most deaths occur due to diseases, other than accidents.  We have even forgotten how a death by nature will be.  On a daily basis with wrong lifestyle and food habits we are attempting suicide slowly. 

After learning this lesson, we understood that we cannot decide how long we can live here; but living a healthy life till we die, is definitely in our hands.  Before this workshop, we were always afraid of Heart attack, Diabetics, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, etc. Modern medical science has classified these diseases as it could affect all kinds of age group at any point of in time. Very importantly, we could not avoid the fear of Cancer. When we realized that all such diseases occur only because of our wrong lifestyle, our fear on diseases disappeared. Modern medical science has not yet found the reason for Cancer so far and yet they have been practicing various painful treatment methods.  In this scenario, if we say that 'we get Cancer due to our wrong food habits and lifestyle', we do not know how many in our society will accept it. Similarly, we are not going to be scared of germs or diseases forged to be caused by germs, like Bird-flu, Swine flu, Dengue fever, etc., When our mind is full of ignorance, we will live with fear of diseases.  If we get awareness, that light will eradicate our fear.

When we used to be sick, we were worried about the medical expenses on one side; but on the other hand, going to such expensive hospitals, made us to feel proud.  We thought that we got some kind of false prestige.  Likewise, when we knew our friends and relatives show sympathy for our sickness, we used to feel self-pitied about us. We used to like others saying, 'Oh, he/she is a patient. Let us not trouble that person' and 'Do you know how much money they spent for their treatment!'. During the workshop, our teacher used to say, "In our society, people have the habit of feeling very proud about going to hospitals. They tell others as if they go to tourist spots". After hearing this, we realized, how foolish we were then.

How to manage the additional cost in buying organic items?

When some of our friends come to know that we have been buying organic food items like vegetables, fruits and groceries, they ask, "Organic items are generally costlier. When you buy such items, doesn't it affect your monthly budget? How do you manage?".  Here is our explanation to such questions.  The moment we decided to buy only organic food items, we too were worried about the cost. However, we were very much clear on one fundamental point. Whatever money we may spend for buying organic items, is going to be an investment for our health.  If we have good physical and mental health, we can earn for our livelihood.  Imagine that we are reluctant to buy organic items as it is costlier and we continue to eat chemical based food items. Though we are well aware how harmful these chemicals are, we still eat such poisonous food and feed our children too. What if we fall sick?
Aren’t we compelled to go to hospitals and spend more money to cure ailments? Instead of spending our hard-earned money within few minutes in hospitals, it is much better to spend it for organic food which are nutritious and tastier and thereby achieving a healthy body.

All of us are trying our best and save as much as possible for our kids’ education and future.  Don’t you think it is important that our kids should have good health to make use of such accrued wealth? We could not understand why people are reluctant in buying good, poison free, organic food even if it is slightly expensive.  If we could spend a small share of such savings, in buying good food, then our kids will have better health and they will have the ability to earn such wealth on their own.  If one is really interested and care for buying organic food, they can do some research and can definitely find stores with reasonable prices.  

Our responsibility does not end with buying organic food, it is equally important to know the techniques and rules practiced in Life Natural to get the complete benefits of such expense.  We are stressing on this again, as some of the cooking or manufacturing methods use preservatives and other inorganic chemicals. For instance, though people use organic wheat flour and unrefined sugar, they also add Baking Soda (Sodium bi-carbonate) while making cakes.  If we add chemicals like these for any reason in our food, it is going to be a health hazard.  Hence, if food is prepared at home or bought from outside, one should ensure it is chemical (poison) free. One should keep all these in mind while choosing food.

How do you ensure the reliability of organic produce?

Another question we generally face with respect to organic produce is, "How do you ensure that the items you buy are really produced in organic farms using organic way of farming? You may get cheated, don't you?".  When we get these kinds of questions, we always pose this question as our answer, "Do you know how those things you generally buy, are grown? Do you see any information on amount of chemicals used in growing or producing them?  Have you ever thought about it?".  We wonder why people get such questions, only when we talk about organic produce or products.  One should be extremely aware and meticulous in knowing such information, while buying produce and products made with poisonous chemicals (fertilizer, pesticides and additives at various levels).  How many of us really pay attention to the ingredients list of attractively packaged food items in store? If you are truly interested in buying organic produce, do some research, find organic farmers and merchants in your area and make a visit.  If that farmer is really following organic farming practices, they will let you inspect their farm without any hesitation. To validate a merchant is really selling organic produce, you could ask them to share information on suppliers (farmers, manufacturers) and how they validate them.  Most of such merchants will go for farm visit and inspection and you could also join with them. But above all of these, the best option is to grow your own home or kitchen garden.  Lot of people with awareness on organic farming, have started home, terrace, kitchen, balcony gardens, even in multi-storeyed apartments.  If we really care for ourselves and our family's well-being we should be able to choose and adopt a most appropriate approach.

Importance of knowing the basics:

Those who are interested in practicing Life Natural, should clearly understand the basic concepts of Life Natural.  One can practice Life Natural confidently and firmly, only when their mind is void of all doubts and clarifications.  This is why, when someone wants to practice Life Natural diet, we request them to read and understand its basic concepts first.  Just by practicing Life Natural diet without understanding the basic concepts, one cannot practice Life Natural lifestyle for a long term successfully.  When you try to shift from so called good, conventional diet and lifestyle to Life Natural, you might get lot of questions from your friends and family. Most of their questions might be due to their ignorance and you can answer them only if you have better clarity on Life Natural concepts.  Otherwise, you might question yourself about your shift to Life Natural and get stuck with those questions and confusions.  It is really impractical to share all that we have learnt during our 7 days Life Natural workshop as a blog post and hence we are trying our best to share as much as we can.

Our suggestion:

As mentioned in the beginning of the post, nowadays, people across the world with awareness and understanding on Nature cure are sharing their knowledge.  They share based on what they have understood during their learning and tenure of practice in Nature cure.  When we get any opportunity, we try to understand their concepts and compare with what we have learnt in our Life Natural workshop.  They follow different approaches and we could see that they do not touch upon some important concepts.  We have not heard of such people discussing or explaining in detail, concepts like: how to bear and rear better young ones, the role of life force in digestion, explanation for 'food is not energy', approaches to fasting to improvise health.  

All these years, we were immersed in ignorance of food and disease and fear of death.  We had been in constant search to find the best food and a permanent cure for all our ailments.  In that situation, we got a chance to attend this Life Natural workshop and we went there without any details or awareness about that workshop.  We thought that, they might teach us different nature cure therapies for all kinds of diseases, so that we can cure ourselves. After our seven days of Life Natural workshop; eating all organic food, learning therapies and life natural concepts, we realized that all our questions got answered here.  This is why we were able to whole-heartedly accept Life Natural practices are true and correct.  Our motto is to share these facts to as many people as possible, so that they also can be benefited. However, we don't think and expect that one will accept these Life Natural concepts and practices just by reading all these posts.  We would be happy, if these posts could atleast create some awareness in you and get you started in search of truth in these areas.  

If you are interested in Life Natural, we would suggest you to read our posts, read books referred in posts, reach out to us for questions and clarifications.  Then learn and understand approaches of other experts in this field as well. Then you should be able to research and analyse these facts.  Find the truth and follow an approach which your instinct chooses as correct as insisted by Thiruvalluvar:

Kural - Transliteration:
‘Epporul YaarYaarVaai Ketpinum Apporul
Meipporul Kaanbadhu Arivu’

Verse #423 – Translation:

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