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Friday, October 25, 2013

Combined hip bath

Use 'Kuhne tub' for this therapy. The patient should wear a very simple cotton clothing. He/she should cover the head with a wet towel (use normal water for this and remove the excess water by squeezing it). Then sit in the 'Kuhne tub' and pour room temperature or slightly cold water till the hip is immersed and just below Navel. In this position both the legs (from knee level to feet) will be touching the floor. Now place another wide basin with hot water and keep the feet till the ankles are immersed. 

The temperature of the hot water should be maintained through out the session. So remove 1 or 2 cups whenever the temperature reduces in the basin and refill with the hot water. Stay in this position for 30 minutes. Then take head bath in the normal (room temperature is fine) water which is essential after any kind of water therapy.

It is called 'combined' because we use normal temperature water for hip and hot water for feet.

'Kuhne tub' was specially designed for hip bath treatment by the German Naturopath 'Louis Kuhne' who lived from 1835-1901. If you would like to buy this, please contact the nearest naturopaths / naturopathy hospitals / organic stores. We have come to know that this tub is available in http://www.arockyasanthai.com/ located at Mugalivakkam based on pre-order.

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