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Monday, November 16, 2015

Disease and Medicine according to Life Natural


Following post contains excerpts translated from the guide 'Iyarkai Vaalviyalin Mahimai' (Greatness of Life Natural) by 'Naturopathy Expert' Thiru.G.Balakrishnan.

What is Disease?
The nature of a human being is Health. The process that regains health, is Disease. The universal law that maintains health and the same that restores health are no different, they are one and the same.

We fall sick sometimes, only because of our ignorance on disease. Most of us have misunderstood disease.  A few of us have very less knowledge about it.  Ignorance on health and disease is seen even among the highly educated people.  All these wrong conceptions keep us confused. Thus we are not able to attain the healthy life.

What is the role of Medicine and Doctor?
'Prevention' is the buzzword of medicine.  That is the fact everyone talks about these days.  Doctors should be paid to maintain good health than to treat illness for fee.  Getting paid when people get sick is a perversive system and disincentive to keep people healthy. 

Those in the medical sector use to wait for sick people to come to them, treat them, cure them with a semblance of health and charge a fee for that service.  Making money in such a way indicates that how the society is transforming into a 'Disease farm'.  People should get awareness on their well-being, only then this situation would change.

What is the best solution to live healthy?
The lessons taught in Life Natural gives a clear knowledge on disease and health.  This knowledge helps the sick people to easily overcome their diseases.  It also helps the healthy people to improvise and sustain their well-being throughout their life.

The philosophy of Nature Cure emphatically puts the theory that a physician should be paid only to maintain good health than to treat illness.  Of course, the package of Nature Cure includes to provide the best methods such as diet reforms, Yoga and Pranaayamam which are the true healers.

The Nature Cure itself is a system which acts as a guardian of Health, when properly understood and followed.  It kindles the awareness that "You are your own doctor".  The Nature Curist is getting paid to keep people healthy and takes care of them if and when they get sick pursuing a health care system which brings neither any side effect nor an after effect.