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Monday, November 2, 2020

Simple Steamed Sattvic Stew/Koottu


Simple Steamed Sattvic Stew/Koottu
Simple Steamed Sattvic Stew/Koottu


  1. Any vegetable(s) of your choice - 500gms
  2. Pumpkin - 300gms
  3. Coconut gratings - 1 cup
  4. Cilantro / Coriander leaves - 1 cup
  5. Curry leaves - 1 spring
  6. Cumin seeds - 1 table spoon
  7. Black pepper - as per taste
  8. Rock salt - as per taste

Optional Ingredients:

  1. Ginger - 1 inch cube
  2. Green Chili - 4 nos
  3. Sprouts - 100gms
  4. Tomato - 50gms


  • Wash, clean and cut all vegetables and keep everything as separate portions in a plate. Clean sprouts and add as a portion in the same plate (say plate 1).
  • Keep optional ingredients like peeled Ginger, whole green Chilies and whole Tomato in another plate (say plate 2).
  • Keep salt, Black pepper powder, Cumin seeds powder, Chopped Cilantro, Chopped Curry leaves, Coconut gratings in another plate (say plate 3).
  • Prepare a steamer and steam vegetables from plate 1. 
  • Add peeled Ginger, whole green Chilies to the steamer.
  • Let all the vegetables get steamed, just enough and do not over cook. 
  • Take out one by one, if some vegetables get cooked faster and some slower. 
  • While removing from the steamer, make sure to keep the Pumpkin and sprouts in a separate bowl. This bowl can be big enough to add the rest and make the stew. 
  • Mash pumpkin and sprouts lightly.
  • Add other steamed veggies in the same bowl.
  • Let it cool a bit.
  • Switch off the stove and remove the steamer from the stove.
  • Chop Tomato to desired size and keep it in the steamer and close the lid.
  • If you would like to use the optional ingredients like Green Chilies and Ginger, grind them along with a cup of mashed Pumpkin and add it to the veggies bowl.
  • Now add items like salt, Cumin seeds powder, etc., from plate 3.
  • If you would like to add Tomato, take it from the steamer and add it to the same bowl.
  • Mix everything and adjust taste to your preference and serve.


  • Vegetables of your choice could be Ash gourd, Banana stem, Chow Chow, Snake Gourd, Ridge gourd, etc., Here I have used Ash gourd and Banana stem.
  • While cutting vegetables, do not cut them into cubes as this could be difficult in chewing for elders.
  • Pumpkin is used as base, so better to go for half or fully ripened Pumpkin.
  • While adding veggies to the steaming racks keep veggies which might take more time in the bottom rack and veggies requiring lesser time in top rack. Also make sure to use a steamer where the juice from the veggies can be retained and collected. I used a simple Idli steamer and kept all the veggies in the space for pouring Idli batter.
  • Tomato gets cooked with little bit of heat. So we can switch off the stove and the left over heat and steam in the steamer is just enough to cook the Tomatoes.
  • The hotness of Green Chilies might vary from variety to variety and season to season i.e. the local variety we get is not hot enough during rainy season. So the no. of Chilies is as per your taste.
  • We may not need Ginger or Green Chili or any other spices if we eat with keen hunger. If we eat on keen hunger, our body will be able to identify and enjoy all the subtle taste from the veggies.