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Friday, October 25, 2013

Hot water foot bath

Take two wide basins. Pour hot water till both the wrists are immersed in one of the basins. In the second basin also pour hot water till the ankles are immersed. The water temperature should be in hand bearable degrees. The person who undergoes this therapy should wear very simple cotton clothing. He/she should cover the head with a wet towel (use normal water for this and remove the excess water by squeezing it) and sit on a comfortable chair or a stool. Place another stool or table which is slightly higher than the stool on which the patient is sitting. Now place the first basin on top of the stool/table. The patient has to keep the palms till the wrist level is immersed in water. Place the second basin below the stool / table and let the patient keep the feet till the ankle level is immersed.

The temperature of the water should be maintained through out the therapy. As we use the wide basins, the temperature will reduce gradually. So it is suggested to have an assistant who can remove  1 or 2 cups of water from the basins every now and then and refill it with the warm water, to maintain the temperature through out the therapy duration.

The accumulated toxins from the body is removed through severe sweating during this therapy. Hence after the completion of the therapy let the sweat dry fully. Then take head bath in the normal (room temperature is fine) water which is essential after any kind of water therapy.

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