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Monday, July 31, 2017

Food Log - Week 10

Food Log:
18:30am: Ash gourd juice

10:30am: Mango 
2pm Salad: Ash gourd, Greengram sprouts, Coconut7:45pm: Musk melon juice
26:30am: Ash gourd juice

8:30am Salad: Chayote (Chow-Chow), Chickpeas sprouts, Coconut
1:15pm: Little millet meals

Rice: Little millet (Saamai)
Gravy/ Kulambu: Chickpeas sprouts, Brinjal, Chayote, Drumstick

Poriyal 1: Drumstick

Poriyal 2: Moringa leaves
8:15pm: Musk melon
39am Salad: Bottle gourd, Groundnut sprouts, Coconut1:30 pm: Finger millet puttu (Ragi)

Puttu: Plain Ragi puttu, Sweet puttu

Kootu: Bottle gourd, Greengram sprouts
7:30pm: Custard apple
49:30am:  Ash gourd, Greengram sprouts, Coconut1:45pm: Wheat Phulka

Phulka: Whole wheat

Curry: Ash gourd with coconut paste
7:30pm: Custard apple
59:30am:  Ash gourd, Greengram sprouts, Coconut1:45pm: Red rice poha Curry leaves rice

Rice: Soaked Red rice poha, Curry leaves paste with Urad dal, Chickpeas gram and Ground nut seasoning

Gravy: Ash gourd, Tomato
7pm: Papaya, Banana
67am: Ash gourd juice

8:30am Salad: Ash gourd, Chickpeas sprouts, Coconut
1pm: Mappillai Samba rice poha Coconut rice

Rice: Soaked Mappillai Samba poha with grated coconut

Gravy: Ash gourd, Tomato

Chutney: Mint
7pm: Papaya, Banana
78:30am: Papaya, Sapota1pm: Papaya, Sapota7pm: Sapota

Ash gourd juice
Ash gourd juice

Monday, July 24, 2017

Food Log - Week 9

Food Log:
1Fasting12pm: Mango7:30pm: Black gram Kali

Kali: Black gram, Jaggery, Foxtail millet (Thinai)

Curry: Tender pumpkin (Arasanikkai), Brinjal
27am: Ash gourd juice

10am Salad: Ridge gourd, Carrot, Green gram sprouts, Tomato, Coriander, Coconut
1:30pm: Kodo Millet Vaangi bath

Vaangi bath: Kodo millet (Varagu), Brinjal, Ground nut, Coriander, Cashew

Kootu: Ash gourd, Green gram sprouts

Chutney: Coriander
7pm: Mango
37:30am: Ash gourd juice

10:15am Salad: Ash gourd, Carrot, Chickpea sprouts, Coconut, Tomato
3:30pm: Barnyard millet Single Protein Adai

Adai: Barnyard millet
(Kuthiraivaali), Chickpea sprouts, Onion, Coriander

Aviyal: Ash gourd, Carrot, Brinjal, Beans

Chutney: Coconut
9pm: Mango
47:35am: Dates Kheer

10am Salad: Bottle gourd, Carrot, Groundnut sprouts, Tomato, Coriander, Coconut
2:45pm: Finger Millet Veg Dumplings

Dumplings: Finger millet (Ragi), Carrot, Beans

Curry: Bottle gourd, Chayote (Chow Chow) masala

Chutney: Coconut
8pm: Mango
58:30am: Curry leaves Kheer

10am: Coconut, Green gram sprouts
12pm: Mango8pm: Mango
610am: Coconut, Green gram sprouts2pm: Tender Coconut5pm: Mango, Mango Coconut milk shake
7FastingFasting5:10pm: Breaking fast with Musk melon juice

7:45pm: Rava Veg Kichadi

Kichadi: Red rice Poha Rava, Cluster beans (Kothavarangai), Brinjal, Chayote (Chow Chow)

Chutney: Coconut


Monday, July 17, 2017

Food Log - Week 8

Food Log:
17am: Ash gourd juice

10:15am Salad: Ash gourd, BSD (Tomato, Coriander, Coconut), Ginger
2pm: Kodo millet Noodles

Noodles: Valarpirai Parampariya Unavugal's Kodo millet noodles with Carrot, Tomato, Onion

Kurma: Ash gourd, Carrot, Green gram sprouts
7pm: Mango
27:30am: Ash gourd juice

9:45am Salad: Carrot, Ash gourd, Chickpea sprouts, BSD (Tomato, Coriander, Coconut), Ginger
1:45pm: Mango6pm: Mango
37am: Ash gourd juice

9:30am Salad: Ash gourd, Snake gourd, Black gram sprouts, BSD (Tomato, Coriander, Coconut), Ginger
1:30pm: Ash gourd feast

Rice: Little millet (Saamai)

Mor kulambu: Ash gourd Coconut milk more kulambu

Curry 1: Ash gourd kootu

Curry 2: Ash gourd mandi

Butter milk: Coconut butter milk
7pm: Mango
47am: Ash gourd juice

9am Salad: Ash gourd, Snake gourd, Groundnut sprouts, Tomato onion salsa, Coconut
2:45pm: Wheat sweet paniyaaram

Paniyaaram: Whole wheat flour, jaggery

Curry: Ash gourd mandi (Tomato curry)
8pm: Papaya
510am Salad: Bottle gourd, Green gram sprouts, Tomato, Coconut1pm: Mango6pm: Mango
67:30am: Ash gourd juice

9:40am Salad: Ash gourd, Green gram sprouts, BSD (Tomato, Coriander, Coconut)
2pm: Home made Bread & Cake

Bread & Cake: Home made Egg less, Oven less, Baking soda less, Whole Wheat bread and Cake

Curry: Ash gourd kurma
7:30pm: Mango
7FastingFasting3pm: breaking fast with watermelon

5:30pm: Ash gourd soup

8pm: Mango


Sunday, July 9, 2017

Food Log - Week 7

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Food Log:
17am Snacks: Sorghum Porivilangai

10am Fruits: Mango
1:30pm: Whole Wheat Phulka

Curry 1: Potato kurma

Curry 2: Ridge gourd, Cabbage

Chutney: Coconut
7pm: Mango
28am Juice: Ashgourd

9:30am Salad: Ashgourd, Green gram sprouts, Tomato salsa (chopped Tomato, Onion, Coriander, Mint, Ginger)
1pm: Pearl millet (Kambu) Dosa

Curry 1: Ashgourd aviyal

Curry 2: Neer brahmi poriyal

Chutney 1: Tomato

Chutney 2: Coconut
6:30pm Mango
36:30am Juice: Ashgourd

9:30am Salad: Ashgourd, Chickpea sprouts, Tomato, Onion, Ginger, Coconut, Dates
1pm: Thinai ven pongal

Sambar: Drumstick, Potato

Curry: Ashgourd, Tomato, Groundnut masala

Chutney: Coconut
7pm: Mango
46:45am Juice: Ashgourd

9:15am Salad: Snake gourd, Ridge gourd, Green gram sprouts, Tomato, Coconut
1:30pm: Sweet & Hot Sorghum Stringhopper (Cholam Idiyappam)

Milk: Coconut milk, Jaggery

Curry 1: Ash gourd kootu

Curry 2: Ponnaanganni poriyal
6:30pm: Mango
58:15am Juice: Ashgourd

10am Salad: Ashgourd, Ridge gourd, Groundnut sprouts, Tomato, Coconut
Fasting6pm: Mango
68am: Cucumber11:30am: Lunch at Hotel

Rice: White rice

Sambar: Drumstick, Brinjal, Beans

Curry 1: Broad beans poriyal

Curry 2: Mixed kadai vegetables

Curry 3: Karunai kilangu masiyal

Kulambu: Ladies finger

Rasam: Tomato

Dessert: Jilebi

Curd & Pappad
8pm: Mango
7FastingFasting3:30pm: Mango

7:15pm: Mango


Monday, July 3, 2017

Food Log - Week 6

Food Log:
1Tender pumpkin, Green gram sprouts, Ginger, BSDRice: Sprouted country Pearl millet (Kambu)

Curry 1: Tender pumpkin

Curry 2: Cluster beans

Curd: Coconut milk curd
2Breakfast at Hotel: Idli, Masal Dosa, Sweet Pongal, Medhu vada,
Sambar, Coconut Chutney, Mint chutney, Tomato chutney, Coriander chutney
Sugarcane juiceMango
3Drink: Bermuda grass

Salad: Tender pumpkin, Green gram sprouts, Fresh Tomato Onion Salsa, Coconut
MangoCotton seed milk (Paruthippaal)
4Veg roll: Cabbage, Beetroot, Green gram sprouts, TomatoMangoPapaya
5Beetroot, Cabbage, Peanut Sprouts, Tomato, CoconutPapayaDinner at Hotel: Idli, Dosa, Sambar, Coconut Chutney
6PapayaPuttu: Hot & Sweet puttu with Sorghum (Cholam) flour
Curry: Cabbage
Chickpea sprouts, Coconut
7Cucumber, Green gram sproutsMangoMango