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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Food Log - Week 48

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This week's food log with infrequent combinations and varieties are featured below. In log 25 we have decided to stop capturing usual items. Please visit our previous logs if you would like to see all.

Please leave your comments and suggestions down below.

Sun Cooked Food:
Fire Cooked Food:
Finger millet roti, Ashgourd Chayote Groundnut Masala
Finger millet roti,
Ashgourd Chayote Groundnut Masala
  • Indicates that item is made with some ingredients which are not compatible with Life Natural concepts i.e. Wrong combination (Multiple sources of Carbohydrates/Proteins and Carbohydates and Proteins together, mixing of cooked and uncooked items), Milk or milk products, Oil, Tamarind, Dry Chilli or Chilli powder.
  • This week also we were busy with farm work and we were mostly on raw diet filled with Veg salad, Watermelon, Coconut, Sapota, Jackfruit and Papaya.
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